Fun Frolic Farm's Maya Love​​

This little girl is sure to be an amazing milker. She was born in Spring of 2018 and was a little small for 2019 fall breeding. Maya's Dam is Fun Frolic Farm Full Moon Rose, Sired by Connemara Farm Centennial. We are really looking forward to having her in the herd and seeing how she freshens! Maya brings some famous NC bloodlines from the Carl Sandburg Farm's herd (Connemera Farms).

Maya has not yet been bred for the 2020 season.

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Fun Frolic Farm

Meet the Goats

Welcome to our barnyard page where you can meet our goats! We often have goats for sale since part of breeding dairy goats is... well... more goats! This page is dedicated to information about our farm animals and we will post here any and all pictures of both adult goats we use for breeding AND baby goats we have available for sale.

Please enjoy the photos of our lovely dairy does who will be expecting in February for the 2020 season! We are now accepting deposits on all Spring kids!

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Fun Frolic Farm's Full Moon Rose
We are very proud to have this beautiful doe born here on the farm! Dam was Mountain Farm Aurora. Sired by Pella's Triple C Blue Merovech. Rose is in her third year of production and brings great conformation, good udder attachment, beautiful head and nice top line, not to mention lot's of milk and she tends to throw red and blue roans!

In 2020 she was bred to a Purbred Nubian and is due February 7th.

Oak Moon Majestic Stella MAB

Stella cam to us last year from a neighbor. She was bred by Oakmoon Creamery in Bakersville NC and is one of the best Alpine goats we have ever had. She brings a high held udder, great legs, wide udder attachment and a rugged constitution along with high milk production. We are very grateful to Oakmoon Creamery for these wonderful Alpine genetics they have been working on since the 80's!

Stella was bred to a Nubian buck in 2020 so kids will be Alpine/Nubian
Oak Moon Razia​​

This sweet doe also was bred by Oakmoon Farm in Bakersville. She will be in her second milk season in 2020 and we are excited to see what she will bring as she matures. Her first freshening was remarkable in the volume of milk she produced, we actually milked her three times daily for a spell, even though she has a really nice, large and well held udder, she made LOTS of milk!

​Razia was bred to a Nubian buck for 2020 kids.
Oak Moon LaLa Loopsa​​

This girl is a farm favorite! She is a tiny bit small for the Alpine breed, but she makes up for it with her large personality!  Whiel small LaLa produced almost as well as our Nubian and she was only a first freshener in 2019. We are grateful to have her as part of our herd and look forward to her amazing bloodlines and future kids!

LaLa was bred to a Purbred Nigerian Dwarf this year, kids will be half pints!