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Christina Gordon is the founder of Animal Phat and Women's Wilderness Workshops and has been teaching sustainable living skills since 2003. Animal Phat was started with the desire to provide educational opportunities for people and it has grown into an amazing avenue for folks to learn and share experiences in primitive and sustainable living skills. From Brain Tanning to Dairy Goats, Christina offers hands-on workshops so you can bring these skills home! 

Women's Wilderness Workshops is a five day camping event held in Canton NC at Camp Daniel Boone. This is a gathering for women to come together and practice, share and teach earth based ancestral skills. 

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About Fun Frolic Farm

Christina Gordon
​Bill Melanson

Burnsville, North Carolina

Phone:    770.893.1616


Located along the South Toe River in Yancey County, NC Fun Frolic Farm is owned and operated by Christina Gordon and Bill Melanson. We have a small herd of purebred Nubian dairy goats that provide rich milk for our Old Fashion Goat Milk Soaps and NCDA registered "Raw Goat Milk for goat kids". We maintain a small flock of laying hens that spend the majority of their time free-ranging with the goats using an intensive rotational grazing management system. We offer a variety of educational workshops throughout the year and have a line of luxurious goat milk soap and herbal bath products. If you would like to visit the farm or would like info on our classes, please contact us by phone or email for an appointment.

Check out the Farm's "Store-n-Supply" page, it's a great place to find tools, books, hand made soap, herbal bath products, fire kits, brain tanned deerskins or to register for any of our workshops throughout the year.