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     We specialize in natural tanning methods and genuine Brain-tanned Buckskin. Buckskin is a leather primarily made from White Tail Deer, Elk or Moose. This is an old-fashioned, stone age and sustainable tanning method using emulsified fats (brains, eggs or oil and soap) to make a suede-like or chamois-type leather. All of the hides we tan have been collected from deer processing facilities in the Fall during hunting season and would otherwise be thrown away into landfills not honoring the life that was. Our buckskins have been used by Native Americans, living history re-enactors, outdoorsmen and crafters. Hides are priced by the square foot, based on the quality of the hide and average $30-35 per square foot. Please contact me for custom pricing and orders. I have many options to suit your special project and guarantee this high quality buckskin.

Brain-tanned Buckskin:  Brain-tanned buckskin is best used in soft leather projects, such as clothing, moccasins, bags, or any project where a medium-weight fabric can be applied. Comes smoked a Golden/Tan color and can then be dyed with Walnut to create a Chocolate color if you desire. 

Furs, Pelts, and Hair-On Hides: We do custom hair-on Brain-tan for many animals (deer, elk, small game, goats, sheep, beavers, otters, raccoons). I have a varying availability of furs.

Rawhide: This is a stiff hide that has not been tanned available hair-on or hair-off. It is used for drum heads, knife sheathes, rattles, lampshades and lashings.

Whole Whitetail deer approximately 5-6 square feet.